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New York


New York

Although it is situated at about the same latitude as other European cities, where the climate is warmer, such as Madrid, New York has a humid continental climate, and this is because cold air flows from the center of North America. New York has about 234 days with at least a bit of sunshine per year and an average of 2540 hours of sunshine a year.

The winters are cold and wet in New York, but because it is a coastal city, temperatures are relatively higher than those within the continent, and it helps to have moderate snowstorms, which varies between 63.5 and 89 cm each year. The average temperature in this area in winter is 0 ° C. In spring and autumn, temperatures can have a lot of variation, so we can find ourselves with a few days of cold and snow or other days can be hot and humid, but in general, there is a pleasant climate with low humidity. Summer is hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 32 ° C and that can get to 40 ° C. The average temperature in the summertime is 24 ° C.

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