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New York

Of all the sights of New York we had to make a selection because the city has an infinite number of tourist attractions to visit and some are more important than others, but some places are required to visit such as:

Central Park
Central Park is the huge rectangular park located in the northern part of Manhattan and goes from the 59th Street to the 110th Street in its length – 4 km and from the 5th Avenue to the Central Park West Avenue in its width – 800 meters. Has 93 kilometers of roads, where it is very easy to get lost if you do not have a map of the park. During the weekend is when most activities are organized, but any time is good to know this corner of nature implanted in the concrete jungle that is New York and escape a bit from the noise of the city. Among the most significant areas that make up the park there are: The Pond – the large pond surrounded by trees and inhabited by a variety of birds, Wollman Rink – the skating rink built in 1949, where from November to March people can enjoy ice skating and The Lake – the lake where you can rent a boat and relax on the water.

Broadway is, in conjunction with the 5th Avenue, one of the most famous streets in New York. Broadway Avenue crosses the Times Square and is the place where a great number of theaters are located, with the world's most famous musicals.
The works are classified into two types: On Broadway – musicals are performed in the area of Broadway and Times Square and are the most important, with big stars, good capacity and high prices and Off Broadway – musicals that are also of good quality, but they not performed in major theaters, have less capacity and tickets are cheaper.

Times Square
Times Square is bordered by the 6th Avenue to the east and the 8th Avenue to the west, between 39th Street on the south and 52nd Street to the north. It is called Times Square, since 1904, when the New York Times moved its offices to the crossing between Broadway and 42nd Street. It is famous for its neon signs and giant screens, besides being the venue of New Yorkers in New Year’s Eve.

Rockefeller center
Located between the 5th Avenue and the 7th Avenue and the 48th and 51st Streets, is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the United States. The most visited part of the complex is its central square. In winter, the square becomes a huge skating rink and home to the famous Christmas tree, which is inaugurated every year. In summer, the square becomes an outdoor restaurant.

Staten Island Ferry
This is highly recommended, because it is free and because it gives you the opportunity to see Manhattan from the sea. It is a ferry that leaves from the terminal in lower Manhattan with departures every 20 minutes. The ride allows the traveler to view the landscape of the skyscrapers of Manhattan and have a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty from the sea as the European immigrants saw it when they came to New York.

Shopping in New York can become a habit. Manhattan is the shopper's paradise; there are shops for all tastes and budgets, from the most exclusive to the cheapest. The most elegant shops are on Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue, where we can find, in one of the most famous corners of Manhattan, the Tiffany & Co jewelry. Another place to find luxury shops and major brands is Macy's department store. Soho is the most European neighborhood in New York, where we can find high quality clothes and footwear shops, art galleries and antique shops. But if what you like is urban fashion and second hand stores, you will have to move to the East Village or the Lower East Side. Although, what we cannot miss are the quality products discount stores, that we can find everywhere around Broadway Avenue, between Houston Street and 14th Street.

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