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New York

New York is home to some of the world's most interesting museums of international renown and considered unique in its classes.
Many of the museums are free to the public, but it is best to check before.
The vast majority of museums are located in Manhattan along the famous "Museum Mile" on 5th Avenue, which runs from 82nd Street to 105th Street on the Upper East Side.
Millions of visitors flock to New York City each year for inspiration, knowledge and the rare opportunity to see the most important and influential art in the world and historical treasures.

Among the most famous museums we can find:

Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met)
Address: 1000 Fifth Avenue
Tel. +1 212-535-7710
Open: Tuesday – Friday 09:30 – 17:30, Saturday – Sunday 09:30 – 21:00
Entrance: adults – 20$, students – 10$

Located on the Upper East Side, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the most famous museum in New York and has one of the largest collections of art. The Met, as is usually known, houses more than 2 million works of art, including works by international artists of all styles, genres and eras. The medieval art collection is one of the best in the United States. The Met also has an impressive collection of antiques. Tourists can choose to view one or more expositions in terms of their time and interest.

Guggenheim Museum
Address: 1071 Fifth Avenue
Tel. +1 212-423-3500
Open: Friday 10:00 – 19:45, Saturday – Wednesday 10:00 – 17:45
Entrance: adults – 18$, students – 15$, children under 12 years – free

Located on the Upper East Side, the Guggenheim Museum is housed in a building designed by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and is considered his last great work. The building has a modern facade that resembles a pylon, wide at the top and getting thinner towards the bottom. The roof of the building is a rotunda that illuminates the interior. The gallery is in a spiral form that goes from the ground floor to the top one. As you climb, you can see works of art displayed on the walls of the spiral. The permanent collection is on the second floor and features works by world famous artists as Picasso, Cézanne, Dalí, Rousseau, Van Gogh, Renoir and many more. The museum aims to promote contemporary art through exhibitions and educational programs that are meant to raise awareness on an international level.

American Museum of Natural History
Address: West 79th Street Central Park West
Tel. +1 212-769-5100
Open: everyday 10:00 – 17:45
Entrance: adults – 15$, students – 11$, children – 8.50 $

Children will be delighted with the interactive displays at the Natural History Museum of New York. It is an exciting journey through space and time. In the Rose Center, you can learn more about Cosmic Collisions and the evolution of the universe.
This museum was founded in 1869 and is a symbol of the city. More than 200 scientists work in the museum, which has 42 exhibition halls showing some of the rarest places in the history. The museum's library contains more than half a million volumes on various subjects.
Interesting features of the museum includes a scale model of a blue whale, the "Turkana Boy" which has 1.7 million years and the "Peking Man" which has 400,000 years.
The original building has a neo-Gothic design, while the south facade of the museum is in neo-Romanesque style.

Whitney Museum of American Art
Address: 945 Madison Ave
Tel. +1 212-570-3676
Open: Wednesday – Thursday 11:00 – 18:00, Friday 13:00 – 21:00, Saturday – Sunday 11:00 – 18:00
Entrance: adults – 15$, students – 10$, children under 12 years – free

At the Whitney Museum of American Art travelers will find some of the best works of artists from the United States. This New York City museum is named after its founder, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. The museum is housed in a 1966 building designed by Marcel Breuer. Here you can find the art of the late 20th century to the present day, such as works of art from Edward Hopper, Georgia O'Keeffe, Louise Nevelson, Jackson Pollock, Louise Bourgeois and Jasper Johns.

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