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Learn a Language in New York

There are some places that are better than others for the purposes of learning a determined thing. To learn how to ski, you may want to visit Big Bear in Los Angeles, California. To learn how to surf, Huntington in the same city is perfect. It’s amazing that snow and hot sand can be found in the same city, within only a few miles of distance. When it comes to learning languages, though, we recommend the city of Barcelona. When taking spanish lessons Barcelona students know that they are at the perfect place for many reasons. The most important one being: it’s cosmopolitan character.

A cosmopolitan city like New York welcomes people from all over the world, either for a short period of time or for a residence. What is a cosmopolitan city? The Merriam Webster dictionary defines “cosmopolitan” as
1: having worldwide rather than limited or provincial scope or bearing
2: having wide international sophistication: worldly
3: composed of persons, constituents, or elements from all or many parts of the world

Of course, New York is not the only cosmopolitan city in the world. In the United States, San Francisco is regarded as one too; and in Europe, the most ‘cosmopolitan’ and perhaps even less English one is London.

So what makes a cosmopolitan city perfect for learning a language? Although you may have a clue of what we’re saying by now, we’ll try to explain this concept. A cosmopolitan city is – as de third entry of the above definition says- composed of persons from all or many parts of the world. In such context, one can only imagine a very rich cultural interchange between people who are socializing. If you go to a bar, you will most probably find people from all over the world, and engage in a conversation with them, where the topic of their country, language and culture is sure to come up at one point.

New York is also known as the art capital of the world, which sets the ground for cultural richness, open-mindedness, and more interchange. If you go to an art gallery, you will find paintings and sculptures from all over the world, as well as art lovers and beholders. In this scenario, the mind of the language students simply opens up to new things, and becomes more curious about the reality that surrounds him or her. For this reason, when taking Spanish lessons Madrid students know they have chosen the best place.

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